SIMRAD NAC-2 VRF Autopilot Core Pack
SIMRAD NAC-2 VRF Autopilot Core Pack
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SIMRAD NAC-2 VRF Autopilot Core Pack

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Name Value
Best Use Hydraulic Steering
Below Deck
Connection Interface NMEA 0183
Drive Type Sold Separately
Maximum Boat Displacement Less than 30000 Pounds Depending on Drive Type
Suitable for Vessels Above 10 Meters/35 Feet in Length
Type Corepack (no control)
Warranty Details Two Years IPX5 Waterproofing

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Core components for a Simrad Continuum autopilot system—just add a drive unit and controller.

This pack includes all of the core components you need to upgrade your boat with a Simrad Continuum autopilot system—just add a hydraulic pump or mechanical drive unit to suit your steering system, and choose a dedicated autopilot controller or Simrad multifunction display.

Designed for outboard and sterndrive vessels up to 35' in length, this pack includes the NAC-2 autopilot computer, Precision-9 solid-state compass, plus all necessary NMEA 2000 cables and connectors.

The NAC Autopilot Computer is the brains behind your Simrad autopilot system. It contains the electronics needed to operate a hydraulic steering pump or mechanical drive unit, while also interfacing with other components including heading sensors and rudder feedback units.

The NAC-2 was designed for boats up to 35' in length and is suitable for low-current pumps, mechanical drive units, or solenoid valves (eight amps continuous/16 amps peak).

Key Features

  • Reliable autopilot performance based on Simrad Continuum steering technology
  • Recommended for boats up to 35' in length
  • Output of 8A continuous, 16A peak
  • Clutch output (3A maximum)
  • Compatible with low-current drive pumps, mechanical drives, hydraulic linear drives, and solenoid valves
  • Virtual rudder feedback for simplified installation aboard outboard and sterndrive boats
  • Supports Simrad RF25 only
  • Plug-and-play connectors for easy installation
  • NMEA 2000 connectivity to heading sensors, rudder feedbacks, dedicated autopilot controllers, and multifunction displays. Does not network using the older NMEA 0183.

Standard Output: The NAC-2 Autopilot Computer is recommended for boats up to 10 metres (35 feet) in length. It delivers standard power output of up to eight amps continuous and 16 amps peak, plus a clutch output; this is suitable to operate low-current drive pumps including the Simrad RPU80, mechanical drives such as the Simrad SD10, hydraulic linear drives such as the HLD350, and solenoid valves.


Easy Installation
Plug-and-play connectors facilitate easy installation, minimising the wiring necessary to install your autopilot system. Industry-standard NMEA 2000® networking offers simple connectivity to heading sensors, rudder feedback units, autopilot controllers, and multifunction displays located anywhere on board.


  • Voltage: 12/24V DC
  • Max Drive Current (Avg/Peak): 8/16A
  • Clutch Output: 12/24V DC, min 10mA, max 3A
  • Solenoid Support: Yes
  • NMEA Networking: NMEA 2000
  • NMEA 0183 Input/Output: No
  • Compatible with Simrad 80 Series Remotes: Yes
  • Compatible with passive remotes: No
  • Dedicated Pilot Head Control: Yes
  • Configurability: All settings

Mfg. # 000-13337-001