Raymarine Quantum 2 Q24D Radar Doppler w/15M Power & Data Cables
Raymarine Quantum 2 Q24D Radar Doppler w/15M Power & Data Cables
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Raymarine Quantum 2 Q24D Radar Doppler w/15M Power & Data Cables

Raymarine Quantum 2 Q24D Radar Doppler w/15M Power & Data Cables

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Amperage .58 Amps (Standby) 1.58 (Transmit)
Beam 4.9 Degrees H x 20 Degrees V
Dimensions 8.25" Height x 21.3" Diameter
Display Color Color
Display Type Backlit LCD
Maximum Range 24 Nautical Miles
Rotation 24 RPM
Transmit Power 20 Watt
Type Radomes
Voltage 12 to 24 Volts DC
Warranty Details Three Years (with Product Registration)
Weight 12.3 Pounds
Waterproof Waterproof


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The Quantum 2 provides superior radar imaging and Doppler collision avoidance technology on both long and short ranges.

If the first Quantum Radar set the standard for solid state marine radar, then the Quantum 2 ups the ante. Featuring next generation CHIRP pulse compression radar, the Quantum 2 delivers superior target awareness at extremely long and short ranges. With advanced Doppler processing to identify dangerous targets, you can instantly recognize targets moving inbound or outbound. This feature makes it easy to discern potentially dangerous targets when navigating in high-traffic areas. Integrated WiFi makes installation easy and Quantum 2’s energy efficient and lightweight design weighs 50 percent less than comparable radomes, provides safe radiated emissions and reduced power consumption.

CHIRP Pulse Compression: Offshore or within a few yards, Quantum 2’s CHIRP pulse compression radar technology delivers sharper targets with reduced clutter. CHIRP Pulse compression technology ensures more energy reaches each target, resulting in superior imaging on long ranges

Doppler: Doppler moving target display allows for superior situational awareness at-a-glance. Doppler target processing readily identifies and color codes moving radar contacts for instant recognition and reduced risk of collision.

True Trails: Raymarine’s new target history display, True Trails, enables you to see a historical "wake" behind every moving contact. This additional information makes it even easier to interpret the motion of other vessels and make smart maneuvering decisions so you can to pass safely.

Instant on: Immediate awareness – Quantum 2 starts up and is ready to go in seconds

Automatic Target Acquisition and Tracking: Fully automatic target acquisition and tracking. Configure custom safety or alarm zones and be alerted to new radar contacts entering the zone. Track radar contacts automatically; calculate their course, speed, closest point of approach and more. Notifications come in the form of audible alerts and on-screen graphics.

Easiest to install: Simple Wi-Fi connection or use the small diameter power cable for ease while routing through tight spaces.

Safer than traditional magnetron radar: Safe Emissions thanks to Quantum 2’s low power solid state transmitter. Weighs 50% less than traditional magnetron radars. And you can mount it anywhere on board!

Electrically thrifty: Very low power consumption (17 Watts transmit and 7 watts standby), for extended vessel battery life when under sail.

Easy to upgrade: Quantum 2 uses the same bolt pattern as previous generation radars. Optional Quantum adapter cable eliminates the need to run new radar cables.

Key Features

  • Doppler moving target display allows for superior situational awareness at-a-glance
  • Fully automatic ARPA target tracking, along with manual MARPA mode
  • Adjustable TrueTrails target history shows the motion history of moving contacts CHIRP Pulse Compression detects contacts as close as 18-feet for zero-visibility navigation
  • 24-mile range for early detection of traffic, navigation aids, landfall and weather
  • Immediate awareness—Quantum starts up and is ready to go in seconds
  • Superior interference rejection eliminates noise from other radars
  • Simplified installation with Wi-Fi or thin wire network connectivity
  • Easy upgrade—Quantum 2 fits the same bolt pattern as other Raymarine scanners
  • Lightweight and easy to install–Quantum weighs up to 50% less than comparable magnetron radars
  • Safe emissions—mount Quantum anywhere onboard 
  • Low power consumption for extended battery life under sail


  • Maximum Range: From 1/16 to 24 nautical miles 
  • Display Type: a-Series, c-Series, e-Series, gS Series, eS Series multi-function displays 
  • Radome Diameter: 21 5/16" 
  • Power Consumption: Transmit mode 17W; standby mode 7W; sleep mode 2W 
  • Data Interface: WiFi or wired Ethernet (RayNet) 
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX6 

What's in the Box

  • Quantum™ 2 Radome
  • 10m (32.8ft.) Power cable
  • M8 mounting bolts with spring washers and flat washers
  • Documentation pack (including mounting template)

Mfg. # T70417

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